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Early Arrivals



Late Stays

  • University housing must be vacated by 10 a.m. the Sunday following the last day of spring exams.
  • Spring semester late stays must be requested by each student.  Extended housing is only available for students who are participating in a University-sponsored group or working for a University Department until no later than 10 a.m. on the day after May Graduation.
  • Requirements and Procedures for Extended Housing Approval:
    • The student must request approval by submitting the online request form.  Available starting April 1.
    • The student will receive denial or approval through e-mail.  If approval is granted, the student will receive e-mail instructions regarding check-out procedures.
    • The Athletic Department will provide all documentation for athletes who need Extended Housing.  If you are an athlete and unsure of your late stay approval, please contact your sport’s coaching staff.

Graduating or have a sibling graduating

  • Graduating seniors must vacate their rooms by 10 a.m. the day after graduation. The graduating senior does not need to request approval.  All graduating seniors on the University’s list will automatically have their Housing contract date extended.
  • Siblings of graduating seniors must request permission to stay until 10 a.m. the day after May Graduation by completing the online request form. The student making the request will receive an e-mail response giving approval or denial.  If approved, the student will receive check-out instructions in the response.

Summer School

  • Students who have submitted Summer School Housing applications may be eligible for Extended Housing for the Spring Semester and Early Arrival for the Fall Semester.
  • Extended Housing for Spring Semester for Summer School Students:
    • Students who have signed a Summer Housing Contract, with a move-in date for Long Summer or Summer I or Minimester A, are approved to move out of their spring housing assignment no later than 10 a.m. on the day after May Graduation.  The students are eligible to check in to their summer housing assignment between 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. on the same day.


Early Arrivals

Early Arrival Housing: Summer School Residents transitioning to their Academic Year Housing

  • Students who have signed a Summer Housing Contract, with a move-out date for Long Summer or Summer II or Minimester D, must complete the online request form. This form will be available mid-Spring 2018.
  • Students who complete the form will be sent an email with denial or approval along with instructions for the transition to their fall assignment.
  • Students are not guaranteed that their fall assignment will be available. If their assignment is not available, the student will not be approved.

Early Arrival: Complete Online Request Form

  • Procedures for Early Arrival Requests:
    • The form opens June 1.
    • The student will receive an e-mail approving or denying the request.  For those receiving approval, the email will include specific instructions for early arrival.
    • University groups who are approved for early arrival will be requested by the group sponsor and individual members should not submit a separate request. For example: Tiger Band, Orientation, Welcome Leaders and Move-In Volunteers.
    • Students who arrive prior to their approved move-in date will be denied the ability to move in because the room will not be available or ready for occupancy until the designated date approved for move in.