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Housing & Dining Common Questions

The following are commonly asked questions regarding COVID-19. Check the Clemson COVID-19 webpage for official updates.

Fall Housing Update

Clemson University has announced on 7/22 the fall semester will begin online, and then move to the blended model on September 21.

When will I know my new move-in date?

Selection of move-in appointments is currently planned to begin the week of August 17 with move-in activities tentatively slated to start on or around September 13, final dates will be provided when appointments are set.

Can I bring my items to campus to put in my room/apartment and then leave until it’s time for move-in?

We are limiting access to on-campus housing at this time in an effort to assist with diminishing the spread of the virus. Students will not be allowed access to spaces prior to their new September move-in date.

How will my housing and meal plan charges be impacted by this change? When will my housing and meal plan be added to my bill?

Your housing, and meal plan charges where applicable, will be reduced. Due to requirements associated with financial aid, the full amount of housing and dining fees will be reflected on your bill.  The bill, however, will also reflect a credit towards those fees for the first 5 weeks of the semester. A full chart of these credits and rates is available.

May I be released from my housing contract?

Students who wish to be released from their housing contract should follow the University Housing & Dining appeals process at

Fall Housing

What precautions will be in place due to COVID-19?

Clemson Home is committed to establishing safety precautions within residential areas through the following measures:

  • Physical distancing and reduced congestion in communal areas such as dining halls and shared bathroom spaces.
  • Custodial and facilities staff will work diligently to clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces in common areas of residence halls, such as laundry facilities, elevators, communal bathroom spaces, front desks, and door handles.
  • Several locations have already been identified both on and off-campus for isolation and quarantine of students who may be symptomatic or vulnerable.
  • Alternative methods of providing meal services to students.

Will guests be allowed in the residence halls?

Residents should follow the “Guest and Visitation” policy stated in Housing Rules & Regulations. A resident signed this document when they completed their Housing Contract. A current year copy can be found on our website under the “Contracts and Rates” tab. Overnight guests will not be allowed this year.

What happens if I test positive for COVID-19?

Students will be provided with guidance through Redfern Health Center on the steps they will need to take in order to return to in-person classes. Several locations have already been identified both on and off-campus for isolation and quarantine of students who may be symptomatic. Families should attend to all regional and local travel guidance that could prohibit travel from their home back to campus should they decide to go there while self-isolating.

Who needs to be tested and how are the test results submitted before move-in?

The University’s testing protocols are still in development. As soon as the details are finalized, we will certainly share more information with incoming students about the testing requirements that they should fulfill before move-in and how to complete that process. Please continue to check our move-in website & the University’s Healthy Clemson: United as Tigers site.

Will Dining Be Available?

Meal plans will be active once you check-in. Your TigerOne card will be used for access to the dining halls, as well as paying for food on campus with your Paw Points. Specific dining location hours will be available on the Dining website. Our all-you care to eat dining halls will be open and serving a full complement of meal choices. Students will have the option to sit down in the dining hall and eat, or to choose to get a grab-n-go meal. Both are hot options that meet all nutritional needs, including those of students with food allergies or other special requirements.