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Housing & Dining Common Questions

The following are commonly asked questions regarding COVID-19. Check the Clemson COVID-19 webpage for official updates.

Post-Thanksgiving Update

Clemson University has announced on 10/22 the final day of in-person instruction will be Tuesday, Nov. 24.


Do I need to move out on the last day of in-person classes?

The official start of the post-Thanksgiving Break is Sunday November 29th at 5pm. Please be advised that while you may remain in your on-campus residence until then, campus services – including dining – will largely be closed from Wednesday to Sunday of Thanksgiving week.

When do I need to leave campus for the Break?

You will need to depart by 5pm on November 29th

What do I need to do to prepare my residential space for a long absence? Do I need to fully move-out?

You do not need to fully move out, but you do need to take everything with you that you will need until January. Please review the winter closing website at  Specific details on tasks and steps to be taken before departure will be updated by mid-November.

Will I be able to access my residential space between November 29th and the beginning of the Spring 2021 term if I forgot something?

Student must take all items they will need for the winter break with them upon departure. Minimal on-campus staff will be present to assist and so re-entry to your residential space will not be possible.

Will staff need to enter my room while I am gone?

Clemson Home Staff will enter rooms to ensure all winter break move out check list items have been completed.

What if I’m not returning in the spring? (Transfer, withdrawal, graduation, approved cancelation request, etc.)

You will need to complete the School Related Cancellation form in the Housing Portal. This will go live on November 1st. If you are not returning for the spring semester and choose to depart campus by November 29th you must be completely moved out of your space at that time.

Late Stay

I need to stay on-campus after Thanksgiving – how do I make that request?

On Wednesday, October 28th Clemson Home will open an exceptions process for students who may need to remain on campus between November 29th and December 12th.  The form will be open in the Housing Portal through November 15th. Please note that students who request on-campus housing for any part of this timeframe will not receive the housing or unlimited meal plan credit.

When do I need to tell Clemson Home if I am requesting an exception to stay after Thanksgiving?

In order to plan for the total number of student’s on-campus in December, you will need to indicate your plans by November 15th

What if I need to stay on campus over the full winter break?

There a limited number of circumstances under which students would be allowed to remain on campus after final exams. Clemson Home will communicate with students who are approved to be here post-Thanksgiving in early December to identify and assist with any critical needs.

Post-Thanksgiving Credits

Who will receive a housing credit?

All residents with a Fall 2020 housing contract will receive a credit to their University bill in the amount of 10% of their semester rent.

Who will receive a dining credit?

Students with a Fall 2020 Unlimited meal plan will receive a credit to their University bill in the amount of 10% of the meal cost portion. As is usual process, any unused Paw Points will roll forward to the Spring 2021 semester.

How will Bridge to Clemson Students receive refunds/credits?

Bridge to Clemson students pay their Housing fees to Tri-County Technical College (TCTC). All charges and credits appear on their TCTC Student Bill & Schedule. Clemson University will provide any adjustments for Housing fees to TCTC to apply to your Student Bill & Schedule. Students should await official notification via their official College and University email from the Bridge to Clemson program regarding refunds.

Tri-County has announced an adjusted Spring semester start date in January. Will Bridge student rent or meal plans be adjusted accordingly?

Tri-County in person classes resume on January 21st, as opposed to the January 6th start at Clemson. Clemson is studying the academic calendar implications and will determine an appropriate move-in date, as well as a corresponding rent credit for that timeframe. The process to apply for earlier January return to housing will communicated, along with other details, by mid-November.
Bridge Students’ assigned meal plan for the Spring semester will continue to be the Block 75 + $300 Paw Points.

What do I need to do to get my refund?

No action is required on your behalf at this time.


What precautions are in place due to COVID-19?

Clemson Home is committed to establishing safety precautions within residential areas through the following measures:

  • Physical distancing and reduced congestion in communal areas such as dining halls and shared bathroom spaces.
  • Custodial and facilities staff will work diligently to clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces in common areas of residence halls, such as laundry facilities, elevators, communal bathroom spaces, front desks, and door handles.
  • Several locations have already been identified both on and off-campus for isolation and quarantine of students who may be symptomatic or vulnerable.
  • Alternative methods of providing meal services to students.

Are guests allowed in the residence halls?

Residents should follow the “Guest and Visitation” policy stated in Housing Rules & Regulations. A resident signed this document when they completed their Housing Contract. A current year copy can be found on our website under the “Contracts and Rates” tab. Overnight guests will not be allowed this year.

What happens if I test positive for COVID-19?

Students will be provided with guidance through Redfern Health Center on the steps they will need to take in order to return to in-person classes. Several locations have already been identified both on and off-campus for isolation and quarantine of students who may be symptomatic. Families should attend to all regional and local travel guidance that could prohibit travel from their home back to campus should they decide to go there while self-isolating.

Who needs to be tested and how are the test results submitted before move-in?

Students will be required to be tested prior to move-in. Full information on the policy, requirements, and process is available in the University’s Healthy Clemson FAQs page  and additional information can be found at the full Healthy Clemson: United as Tigers site.

Will Dining Be Available?

Meal plans will be active once you check-in. Your TigerOne card will be used for access to the dining halls, as well as paying for food on campus with your Paw Points. Specific dining location hours will be available on the Dining website. Our all-you care to eat dining halls will be open and serving a full complement of meal choices. Students will have the option to sit down in the dining hall and eat, or to choose to get a grab-n-go meal. Both are hot options that meet all nutritional needs, including those of students with food allergies or other special requirements. More information can be found on the Campus Dish Website.