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FAQ-Incoming Freshmen


What is a CUID Number?

CUID refers to your Clemson University Identification Number. It’s a unique number that begins with a C and serves as your student ID number. Note: this number is initially assigned to you upon your application to the University as an “application” number. When you are accepted, it automatically became your permanent CUID number.

Where do I find my CUID number?

You should have received your CUID number in your Admissions Acceptance packet.

Why is it important

Your CUID number uniquely identifies you from all other Clemson University students, current or past. It functions much like your Social Security number in that it identifies and attaches to all your records. Therefore, it should be considered “guarded” information.

How do I use it?

First, you will use your CUID number to look-up your User ID. Afterwards, you will use it for just about everything. Every record you inquire about at Clemson will require it. Almost every time you call or stop by a campus office for assistance, you will need to know your CUID number. You should memorize it immediately.


What is a User ID?

After your acceptance, you will receive instructions on how to create your Clemson University computer user identification. This is a permanent, unique-to-you identifier that you will use every time you access the Clemson computer network (which will be every day). You may see or hear it referred to as your USER Name or CUID. It also designates your official Clemson University email address (for example, tiger@clemson.edu, where “tiger” is the User ID).
If this is your first time using the Clemson network, you will need to look up your User ID as the first step in the housing application process.

Where do I find my User ID?

Please visit iROAR portal to establish your User ID.

Why is it important ?

It is your “key” to all of the information and technology services of the entire Clemson computer network. You will use your User ID multiple times every day to complete class work, check your University email account, access your records and bills, etc.

How do I use it?

It may help to think of your User ID as your official “screen name” at Clemson. Your User ID, along with a valid password that you create, is your admittance to the Clemson computer network (including the use of many special applications like the housing application, orientation, class registration, etc…).


What is my password

Your initial password is preset by CCIT, so please contact the CCIT Help Desk at 864-656-3494 for more information. Please note, the first time you log in to the Clemson University network, you will be required to change your password to something known only to you.

Is it required?

Yes. Your password, used in conjunction with your User ID, is the “key” that allows you to access the Clemson computer network and all of its services. You cannot access the system without a valid User ID and a current password.

Why must I change it?

Clemson requires that you change your password at your first login to ensure that your information is kept as secure as possible. Although using the last four digits of your Social Security number is a reasonably safe start, it is not as secure as something you create. Once that’s done, then your password is known only to you; and you should maintain it as such.

How do I change it?

You may change your password via the main Clemson University website (under CCIT – Clemson Computing and Information Technology). However, you will be required to change it immediately upon your first login to the Clemson network anyway.
IMPORTANT: Your new password must be at least five characters and no longer than eight. The University recommends that your password be all numeric to allow you access to records (like your bill) through certain telephone access systems. For security purposes, longer is better, but there should be no more than eight digits.

What if I forget my password?

Be sure to memorize it immediately. If you forget your new password, the Housing Office staff cannot assist you. Your only recourse with a forgotten password is to call the CCIT Help Desk at 864-656-3494 and request that your “Netware Password” be re-set. You will then have to log back into the system and change your password again.

Will I ever have to change my password again (after initial login)?

Yes. In fact, Clemson University requires all network user passwords for students, faculty and staff to be changed periodically (about every 6 to 12 months) to enhance the security of the system and protect the individual’s information.


What is the parent guarantor?

Provides the opportunity for a parent/guardian to electronically co-sign the University Housing Contract for a student who is under the age of 18 at the time they sign-up for on-campus housing.

Where can it be found?

If applicable, the parent/guardian guarantor will populate during the sign-up process and more instructions will be provided at that point.

Why is it important?

It is currently the only way for a parent/guardian to electronically co-sign the housing contract with students who are still under 18 and minors by law. In such cases, this co-signature is legally required in order for the contract to be valid.

How is it used?

The parent/guardian will be provided with detailed instructions during the contract signing step of the sign-up process. This section will only populate for students who are under 18.

Is it required?

Yes, but only for students who are under 18. In fact, the parent/guardian guarantor will not populate in the student application if that student is at least age 18 as of the day he or she applies for housing.


What is the $150 payment?

It is a contract processing fee, which you pay one time as an incoming/new student to Clemson.

Is it required?

Yes. The system will not allow you to proceed without the $150 payment

Is the payment refundable?

No. The $150 payment is not a deposit; it is a processing fee. Therefore, it is not refundable.

How do I pay?

You may use a credit or debit card to pay online. The University accepts all major credit cards.

Should I print a copy of my payment receipt?

Yes. Once you have submitted your online payment, be sure to print a copy of your payment receipt. University Housing & Dining is not able to provide a copy of the receipt because the online payment is managed by the University’s central credit card processing system.

Is this a “secure” site?

Yes. Our system runs on a secure server using the latest encryption software.

Can I apply online and then send my payment by mail?

No. The payment must accompany the contract and application.


Why will the system not accept my login?

A successful login requires the use of a valid Clemson University User ID and a current password. Specific information about these items is contained elsewhere in this FAQ.

What if I need to change something on a previous page during my application process?

Select the preferred section, which outlined step-by-step at the top of the page via the progress bar, in the Housing Contract section. Make the change and continue with your application.

Do I need to print copies of the process pages in the web portal?

In the portal, you are provided with the option to download and print the Contract and Addendum. Also, you may access the portal at anytime to reference your Contract and Addendum.

What if I have tried everything and it’s just not working?

Fear not! Help is just a phone call away. Feel free to call us anytime during regular business hours. Our main phone line is 864-656-2295 and is staffed 8 a.m.- 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.