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Appeals Process

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University Housing & Dining Contract Appeals

Dining Meal Plan Cancellations 

The Appeals Process is designed to assist residents who have not been able to resolve a request through standard procedures or to assist residents who may have serious extenuating circumstances. Review General Instructions, as well as, the specific instructions related to the type of appeal you are filing. DO NOT SIGN ANOTHER LEASE until you have received formal written release from your University Housing Contract.

If you receive accommodated housing through the Office of Student Accessibility Services, notify them regarding cancellation of assignment once approved.

Submitting an Appeal

The Appeals Committee meets bi-weekly, as needed. You will receive a written reply from the committee after the appeal has been reviewed.

If you have any supporting documentation, you may submit these materials to University Housing & Dining in Mell Hall; mail to 100 Mell Hall, Box 344075, Clemson, SC 29634-4075; or email all forms to

General Instructions

Appeals must be initiated by residents. Parents or other involved persons may provide letters of support and written documentation but these items will not initiate an appeal.

To submit an appeal, complete the online form.

Submitting false information to the Appeals Committee with the intent to deceive is in violation of the Student Code of Conduct and may result in disciplinary action and rejection of the appeal.

Housing & Dining Payment – Submitting an appeal does not defer your Housing or Dining payment. University Housing & Dining fees must be paid by the due date to avoid late charges. If your appeal is approved, adjustments to your iRoar account will be made.

Committee Decisions – You may further your appeal to the University Housing Appeals Officer ONLY IF you have additional documentation or information to provide that has not been previously reviewed. Additional written documentation must be received for additional consideration. A response will be emailed once a final decision has been rendered.

Releases from the University Housing Contract

Fraternity and Sorority Release – Per the Fraternity & Sorority agreement, the contract for student organizational housing is binding at the time it is signed, and the student is obligated to pay University Housing fees for the period of the contract, unless he/she fails to enroll. Requests for release from the contract & addendum based on financial and/or medical hardship will be reviewed by the Appeals Committee.

Financial Hardship Release – You must complete the appeals link including the student financial statement page as well as provide additional written documentation to support the claim of financial hardship beyond your control. You must also provide proof of an alternate housing arrangement priced below the lowest available campus housing option available to you. Other documentation may be requested.

Medical Hardship Release – The University is in compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). You must register with Student Accessibility Services and provide your Faculty Accommodation Letter (FAL) with your documentation. If a vacancy exists in a campus housing space that would adequately address the physical environment requested, a medical priority transfer will be arranged. Only if the medical condition cannot be supported by on-campus housing will a release be approved.

For more information, review your housing contract for a complete list of terms and conditions.

Dining Meal Plan Appeals

If you have any questions or concerns, please call University Housing & Dining’s main office 864-656-2295.

If you believe your reasons for appeal fall outside of the policy, an appeal must be submitted for the Appeals Committee to consider your circumstances.