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Do I have to live on campus?

Only Summer Assistants and Conference Aides are required to live on campus. Desk Supervisors and Night Managers may choose to live on campus as space is available.

Will I lose my on-campus housing if I quit my summer programs job?

You will no longer be eligible to receive free housing if you leave your position or if you are terminated. However, if you are enrolled in summer classes, you may be relocated to Summer School Housing and pay for housing in order to remain on campus. If you are not enrolled in classes during at least one summer semester, you will have to leave University Housing.

Can I live on campus all summer?

Yes, you will have the opportunity to live on campus from early May through early August. We will coordinate your move from your spring assignment into a summer assignment and then directly into your fall assignment.

Where will I live?

Summer staff who live on-campus will live in a residence hall or apartment where they are assigned to work.

Will I have a roommate?

If you are assigned to a residence hall, you will not have a roommate. If you are assigned to an apartment, you may have a roommate.

Do I have to be enrolled in summer classes?

You may work any position without taking classes. Summer Assistants and Conference Aides should not be enrolled in summer courses.

Can I work another job?

Due to the limited number of hours a student may work at the University each week (28 hours per week), we expect that your summer job with Housing will be the only that you work on campus during the summer.

Can I work two positions?

No, you cannot work more than one position for Summer Programs. The positions require different responsibilities, training, and pay rates.