HSP Resources

What our sponsors have said:

“They do an outstanding job. We are pleased with the staff that is assigned to us.”

“We had an outstanding experience with HSP this year. No complaints whatsoever.”

“Overall, our Housing experience was great!…we understand we were one of the first summer programs, and the student workers were new, so some seemed very confused and gave out incorrect information or did not know answers at times. Other than that, everything was great!…Thank you all so very much!!!….GO TIGERS!”

Additional information:


Risk Management (accident insurance information for summer groups)        

Fike Fitness Center

PCPO (Pre-Collegiate Programs Office)


October:  Submit your Interest Form

December:  The HSP staff will book and reserve your bed spaces

February:  Bed spaces are reserved.  Location and cost are sent to sponsor

April:  Finalize details for planning purposes