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COMMunity Living-Learning Community


The COMMunity LLC is designed to help first- and second-year Communication & Sports Communication majors and minors grow and develop. Students in their first year of the LLC will participate in shared coursework, so each first-year group functions as a cohort. Students in these cohorts are guaranteed placement in core Communication courses tailored to the LLC experience. In addition to the residential experience and shared coursework, students in COMMunity will have access to a variety of programming, including:

  • Workshops on academic and professional topics
  • Colloquia to connect students with COMM faculty and professionals in the discipline
  • Opportunities to work with and learn from COMM alumni
  • Social activities and community building
  • Academic and mentorship support from a COMM faculty-in-residence and a small group of faculty fellows

In the second-year cohort, students have the opportunity to mentor students in the first-year cohort. Students who continue into their Sophomore year will also have access to more tailored programming, looking more toward career and internship opportunities.

Students in COMMunity arrive on campus with a pre-built framework to support learning, development, and access to appropriate student services. Students also have opportunities to develop relationships with COMM faculty outside of the classroom setting from their first semester on campus. In these contexts, students are able to:

  • Engage in shared coursework with a cohort of other first-year students
  • Apply course content to real-world cases and situations through extracurricular programming
  • Engage in academic and professional development in a communication-tailored context

Quick facts:

Size: 25 students per first-year cohort

Location: Mickel

Roommate policy: First-year students may only request other program participants

Restrictions: None

Fee: $180 per semester

While the LLC experience is tailored to students in these majors and minors, it is open to all students. The LLC is open so that students from other majors who are interested in gaining experience and a foundation in the communication discipline can do so in a residential and well-structured setting.