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Lightsey Bridge I

Located on the east side of campus across the street from the Botanical Garden, Lightsey Bridge I is the first phase of the Lightsey Bridge apartment community and is home to students participating in the Bridge to Clemson Program. Each two bedroom apartment houses four students who share a bathroom, kitchen and common living area.

Community Layout

Community Tech Support

Apartment Amenities

  • Bedroom
    • Two shared bedrooms per apartment
    • Furniture (one per resident)
      • Over-sized single bed
      • Desk and chair
      • Chest of drawers
  • Bathroom
    • One full bath
    • Double vanity
  • Living Room Furniture
    • Couch and loveseat
    • Coffee table and side table
  •  Kitchen
    • Stove with range top
    • Refrigerator
    • Microwave
    • Two bar chairs
  • Flooring
    • Carpet
    • LVT flooring
  • TV and Internet
    • High-speed Internet access
    • Premium Cable Package
    • IPTV Service
  • Etc…
    • Closets (two per bedroom and one in the common space)
    • Venetian blinds
    • Air conditioning

Apartment Measurements*

  • Bedrooms (2): 12′ x 12′
  • Living room: 12′ x 14′
  • Bed – mattress 36”x80”
    • All of the mattresses in this residential community are extra-long twin beds and require extra-long twin sheets.
  • Desk – 30”W x 24”D x 30”H
  • Chest of drawers – 30”W x 24”D x 30”H
  • Closet: 24” x 78”
  • Bedroom window: 36” x 70”
  • Living room window: 36” x 70”
  • * Exact measurements of a room or furniture may vary.

Area Amenities

  • Lightsey Bridge I and II share the commons building.
  • Laundry facilities and vending machines are located in the commons building.
  • The community desk is also located in the commons building. Residents can speak with a community staff member or check-out a temp key daily from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
  • Bridge to Clemson and community staff offices are located in the commons building.
  • Intramural Fields and sand volleyball courts are located on the corner of the property.





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Lightsey Bridge I Building Exterior

Lightsey Bridge I Building Exterior