Eco – Reps program


Clemson began the Ecology Representatives program in Fall 2011 to place students who want to learn about the environment and environmental issues in communities with other students to speak out about those issues and become strong environmental advocates among the general student population.

Please click here to complete the Eco-Reps application.

Q: What is an Ecology Representative?

A: An Ecology Representative (Eco Rep) is a student who volunteers to be active in an educational program where they learn about their world and determine how best to live in it. An Eco Rep will increase their ecological knowledge and experiment with behavior changes to better support a sustainable life-style. Each Eco Rep student will be asked to work to increase their awareness and actively participate in leading other students to join them in this pursuit. The Eco Reps will share ecological information and opinions to their peers so that more students will value what they can do to create a more sustainable world. In short, the Eco Rep program can be described as an ecological peer educational program.

Q: What does the Eco Reps program look like?

A: The Eco Reps Program will concentrate on several areas of ecological education and development, and will cover the following topics:

  • Environmental Awareness and Leadership
  • Recycling and Waste Stream Management
  • Energy Conservation (electrical power, steam, chilled water, coal and natural gas)
  • Clean Energy (solar, wind, geothermal, bio-mass, hydro and organic)
  • Water Conservation (potable water, landscape irrigation, treatment and pollution)
  • Building Design, Construction, Utility Usage and Building Controls
  • Transportation and Mobility
  • Carbon Footprint and Green House Gas Emissions
  • Resource Management (fossil fuel based economy, forestry and land use)
  • Food Production, Preparation, Composting and Gleaning (gardening)
  • Packaging Materials
  • Chemical Use
  • Human Population

For a better understanding, check out the Eco Rep video!

Q: What is expected from an Eco-Rep?

A: To be an Eco Rep, you must be willing to:

  • Attend the orientation program.
  • Attend six meetings each semester (scheduled bi-weekly in the evenings).
  • Demonstrate an interest in wanting to learn more about ecology.
  • Willing to take action, to teach others, and to “make a difference”.
  • Provide creativity and time to work on marketing and educational activities.
  • Participate in group events, activities, discussions, presentations & leadership development.
  • Support other Eco Reps with enthusiasm for their creative endeavors.

Q: What will University Housing provide?

A: Housing will be able to:

  • Facilitate discussions to produce in writing a purpose, mission, vision, goals, and strategic plan.
  • Provide leadership for group structure, cohesion, materials, supplies, and enthusiasm.
  • Deepen education through interest sessions, guest speakers, lectures, movies, video and group facilitation and discussion.
  • Share information about what is occurring on campus.
  • Organize tours, service activities, team building, and community events and opportunities to get involved.