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Request a spot



Team Name
Your team or organization name.
Primary Contact Name
First and last name of the primary contact.
Primary email
Email address of the primary contact.
Secondary Contact Name
Please use the name of the president of the organization if you are a formal organization.
Team Size
Approximate number of volunteers you expect to bring to your clean-up activity each semester.
Meeting availability ?
Please indicate when you and the secondary contact are available to meet with the Adopt-A-Spot coordinator to formally adopt the spot. 10am and 2pm are generally open for meetings. Choose other and specify your availability if you cannot attend 10am or 2pm sessions. You will then be contacted to confirm or negotiate the actual adoption meeting time.
Requested Area ?
Which area from the below map to you wish to adopt? Use the below map to help identify the spots. Note that you cannot adopt a spot that is already adopted.