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How it works

Adopt-A-Spot provides a social and environmentally-friendly volunteering opportunity for students interested in making our campus a better place. When your group decides to adopt a spot, you will be expected to follow our guidelines to ensure that your spot is being maintained effectively.

Here is how it works:

  • Sign-up for a spot by Requesting A Spot.
  • Meet with our coordinator to officially adopt your spot and get oriented. You will also receive your initial batch of clean up supplies.
  • Select the date of your clean up and plan a social activity with your organization.
  • Use our website to report your clean up activity.
  • Return any litter picker sticks and extra supplies within 3 business days.
  • Each semester, plan a social activity and clean up your spot
  • You will need to re-request supplies each semester
  • Have fun!

Map of Spots


Safety First:

We want all volunteers to enjoy a safe activity. In your supply packet, we will provide you with clean up instructions, which highlight safety rules and tips on planning and executing your clean up. If there is ever an emergency during an activity, immediately call CUPD at 864-656-2222 or 911 to request help.

Your responsibility:

When you Adopt-A-Spot, your team is making a commitment to our program. You are expected to complete your clean up activity once per semester and take your adoption seriously. Teams that do not take the program seriously or fail to complete their activity on time each semester will lose their spot. If you feel that your spot is too large for your organization, the Adopt-A-Spot coordinator will be happy to work with you to select a spot which best fits your team.

Make it fun!

We strongly recommend you combine your clean up activity with a social activity. Some student organizations request funding through student government to help finance these social events. Social events also will provide incentive for your team members to show up to the clean-up activity.

You should coordinate your social and clean up activity using your organization’s own communication mechanisms. Facebook events are popular ways for students to plan a group event.