Whether you eat every meal on campus or just grab a bite now and then, you’ll love the value, variety and convenience of your meal plan.

2014-2015 Meal Plans

  • All Access 7 Day
    • Will full value and no restraints all week, this is a great value for any and all students.
      • Unlimited Meals (Sun. – Sat.)
      • 175 Paw Points
      • 15 Guest Meals
      • $1,790 per Semester
  • All Access 5 Day
    • Will full value and no restraints on weekdays, students can use Paw Points on the weekends.
      • Unlimited Meals (Mon. – Fri.)
      • 100 Paw Points
      • 10 Guest Meals
      • $1,600 per Semester
  • Weekly 15
    • With a set number of residential meals per week, choose between two or three meals per day.
      • 15 Meals per Week (Sun. – Sat.)
      • 75 Paw Points
      • Five Guest Meals
      • $1,595 per Semester
  • Commuter 75
    • Providing three to four residential meals per week, this plan is perfect students on the go.
      • 75 Meals per Semester
      • 300 Paw Points
      • $940 per Semester
  • Commuter 30
    • For off campus students, this plan provides about one to two residential meals per week.
      • 30 Meals per Semester
      • 300 Paw Points
      • $560 per Semester

All fall meal plan selections will automatically rollover to the spring semester. Your fall and spring tuition bill will reflect your meal plan selection.

How do I sign-up for a meal plan?

After 4:30 p.m. on July 15, you will need to wait until July 21 to access your iRoar account. At that time, you may make changes or add a meal plan to your account via Optional Fees.

You may make changes to your iRoar account until 4:30 p.m. on August 20 – all fees must be assessed by this date.

First-Year Students Living in University Housing

First-year students are required to purchase either the All Access 7 Day or the All Access 5 Day meal plan for both the fall and the spring semesters (excluding first-year students residing in the following apartment communities: Calhoun Courts, Lightsey Bridge I and II and Thornhill Village).