Residential Laundry

Provided by Caldwell Gregory

Clemson Home offers limitless laundry – feel free to use our washers and dryers at no charge, as often as you need. If you have any questions or concerns, contact Housing & Dining Maintenance: 864-656-5450. To submit a service request for Caldwell Gregory, visit

Tiger Laundry

The Garment Care Program

What is Tiger Laundry? Watch the video: Tiger Laundry Service

Step One: Choose A Plan

Getting started is easy. There are three plan from which to choose.

  • 10 LB per Week-
    • Semester Plan $349
    • Annual Plan $648
  • 20 LB per Week
    • Semester Plan $404
    • Annual Plan $758
  • 30 LB per Week
    • Semester Plan $434
    • Annual Plan $818

Step Two: Pick up Your Bags

After you’ve registered, you will receive two nylon (bacterial resistant) bags: a LARGE bag for Bundled Service and one SMALLER bag for the Campus Cleaners.

Step Three: Fill Your Bags with Dirty Clothes

It’s that simple. No sorting colors. Just two bags for two kinds of clothes; Wash ‘n Fold and the Campus Cleaners.

Step Four: Get Your Bags to Us

With prime campus locations and convenient drop times, it’s easy to drop your bags with a friendly truck attendant.

Schedule By Day and Location: Tiger Laundry

Step Five: Study, Make a Friend, Change the World

College was made for many things. Laundry is not one of them. All you need is time and now you can reallocate the time you would have spent on your laundry.

Step Six: Get Your Clean Clothes

Less than 48 hours after you drop dirty clothes we’ll send you an SMS (standard rates apply) or email (your choice) to let you know they are ready. You simply pick them up from the same convenient location you left them dirty.

Step Seven: Enjoy!

Whether it’s the “Mothers Touch” given to your wash ‘n fold or the neatly pressed and hung work of the Campus Cleaners…Enjoy!

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