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About this Project

Located at the entrance to Clemson University along SC Highway 93, the Douthit Hills Community will provide approximately 1,650 new student beds and a mixed Retail and Student Amenities facility at its center. The project site is broken into the following Zones:

West Zone:

Part of the Douthit Hills Development will comprise of five and six-story residence halls with 885 beds for upperclass students.  The new buildings will be a mix of one, two and four-bedroom apartments in adjacent structures closest to campus. Each bedroom will include a full size bed as well as a washer and dryer in every unit.

Central Zone:

In addition to the residential communities, a new Student Center (the Hub) will offer a residential dining facility, a campus bookstore, a fitness center and other services for residents in the part of campus. The dining facility will also serve as a gathering space for study groups as well as meeting space for student organizations. Retail and a cafe will ensure round-the-clock activity in the building.

East Zone:

Another group of four-story building will house 780 beds in traditional doubles for a select group of freshman who participate in the invitation-only Bridge to Clemson University program. These students begin their first year academic experience at Tri-County Technical College before transferring to Clemson to begin their sophomore year.

Design Features

This mixed use facility will include student housing, a residential dining center, bookstore, a new campus recreation center and retail spaces.


  • West Community
    • Housing for Upperclass students
    • Buildings A, B, C and D
    • 885 apartment-style beds
      • Apartment Units
        • four bedrooms
        • two bedrooms
        • one bedroom
      • Amenities for Apartment Units
        • private bedroom
        • full-size kitchen
        • living room
        • washer and dryer in unit
      • Apartment Efficiency Units
        • four bedrooms
      • Amenities for Efficiency Units
        • private bedroom
        • efficiency kitchen
        • living room
        • washer and dryer in unit
    • Community Amenities
      • Water Deck
        • Deepest end will be approximately 18 inches deep
      • Lounges
  • East Community
    • Housing for those part of Bridge to Clemson program
    • Buildings E, F and G
    • 780 traditional style double rooms
    • Bathroom style called a “wet core”
      • Three locations on each floor hold a cluster of 3-4 bathroom modules that include a toilet, sink and shower behind a single closed door.
      • Offers privacy within community
    • Bridge Academic Success spaces
      • Classrooms
      • Study spaces


  • Dining Hall
    • Dining Concepts
      • Smokehouse
      • Deli
      • Yogurt Bar
  • Retail Dining
    • Starbucks

Project Profile

Construction Start: December 2014 (projected)

Constructions Completion: Summer 2018 (projected)

Occupancy: August 2018 (projected)

Approved Project Cost: $212,000,000

Project Images: Architectural Renderings

Sustainable Elements

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