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Partnership – By Dr. William Lasser, Executive Director of the Calhoun Honors College

Perhaps it was not a coincidence that construction began on the new Honors Center within days of Clemson’s being named one of the nation’s top-twenty public university. We’re proud of the role Honors has played in advancing Clemson’s academic mission, and thrilled to be partnering with Clemson Housing to build the exciting and innovative Core Campus Project.

The new Honors Center will both symbolize and embody the University’s commitment to academic excellence.  Its position at the center of campus will highlight the importance of Honors within the broader university community. And its integration of residential, administrative, and academic space will reflect our key partnership with Clemson Housing and with the entire Clemson community.

Above all, our new building will underscore our commitment to our students. Every square foot has been designed to enhance and expand their Clemson experience. The residential space will be designed to strengthen the students’ sense of community. New classrooms and study rooms with state-of-the-art technology will provide an ideal setting for Honors seminars and group study sessions. The library, great hall, and other public spaces will allow for an expanding array of lectures, lunch-and-learn sessions, workshops, and other organized activities, and will also allow students to relax, enjoy each other’s company, and learn from one another.

The proximity of the Honors College administrative offices to both the residence halls and the academic center will make it even easier for students to build strong relationships with Honors faculty and staff. We’ll be close enough for students to drop in whenever they need advice, guidance, and support. The National Scholars Program and the Major Fellowships Office will be part of the new complex, which will make it even easier for us to maximize the potential of our very best students.

The partnership between the Calhoun Honors College and Clemson Housing began with the establishment of the Honors Learning/Living community many years ago, first in the Clemson House and then in Holmes Hall. We worked closely together five years ago to create the Honors College Academic Center in the Holmes basement, which has become the epicenter of Honors College life. Now, as we enter the next phase, we’re delighted to take the Honors/Housing partnership to the next level and to build a state-of-the-art facility where students will live and learn together as never before.